Using the Quizzes

Before you take the quiz, read the Bible passage in the title. The quizzes are written so you shouldn't be able to just guess and pass. 

Features of the quiz program:
- The sound can be muted by clicking the speaker icon.

- Each question is worth 10 points. 70 points is passing.

-To get back to the site page from the quiz or the ESV site, click the back button.

- The Table of Contents icon is in the lower left-hand corner of the quiz. Bringing up the TOC will show a check for correct, an X for incorrect, the question numbers, first words, and points.

- Feedback. The "Correct" message will give the correct answer and the Bible verse where it is found. The "Incorrect" message will give the Bible verse to look up to find the correct answer. 

- There is no limit on the number of times you can take a quiz.

- The magnify glass on the end screen allows you to review the quiz.

- The envelope takes you to a "Quiz Builder" email - not to Pam Nummela. It is not recommended that you use the email option. (She hasn't learned how to work that yet.)

- The page allows you to print your results. The quiz prints in two pages.

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