has been built to promote Biblical literacy through the use of multiple choice Bible Quizzes based on Scripture text.

Pam Nummela, a Lutheran teacher and Director of Christian Education, is the website developer. was launched on August 24, 2009. 

Pam gives thanks to God and to you the site users! It is her prayer that the quizzes not only are fun, but engage kids and adults in God's Holy Word.  

The quizzes are developed using a program called "Quiz Builder." The plan is to continue the development of quizzes that span the entire Bible narrative - Pam's plan includes over 200 titles!

Please pray for God's direction for this project and for His abundant blessings on all who read His Word and re-read His Word during the quiz process. We know God will abundantly bless us as we read, learn, and receive the blessings He has for us in His Word through the Holy Scriptures.

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